ESLC Summer Camps 2016

Due to popular request, ESLC is changing it up this summer and will offer 2 Summer Camp Programs!

Summer Camp…the perfect blend of gorgeous weather, wacky activities, ongoing learning and a boat load of FUN! Summer Camp is not just a few weeks strung together but rather an experience to look forward to and memories to treasure after school starts again.  Since 2003, Early Steps Learning Center has provided dynamic and thoughtful children’s programs for hundreds of families.  Each program engages, educates, and entertains through hands-on activities that are provided in a safe, caring environment where students feel free to explore.  Your child will test the boundaries of their knowledge, discover fascinating facts and new areas of interest while realizing their learning potential and making life-long friends.

Without further ado, we present our two Summer Camps: Camp Explorer and Camp Rising Stars!  Whichever camp you choose for child, ESLC will present a summer of awesome learning experiences filled with excitement and fun.


Camp Explorer * June 6 – August 12 2016  * 10 Weekseslc-summer-camp-2016-camp-explorer

  • “In-House Camp” – most of the activities will be hosted at Early Steps Learning Center, with the exception of a few field trips.
  • Weekly ThemesCareer Exploration, Community Connections, Leadership Development, All for the Arts and more!
  • Fun Activities – hands-on arts, crafts, science experiments, indoor and outdoor games, and more.
  • Cost – tuition is $150 per week.  No Camp Fee.  (Field Trips may be a small additional fee).  Registration fee is $25 for new students or $15 for existing ESLC students.
  • Ages – Children ages 5-12 years
  • CurriculumCincy After School, which we use all year at ESLC!

Camp Explorers is an extension of our wonderful Before and After School Program.  Our themed-based summer program will be jammed-pack with fun activities and hands-on learning to delight your child. You can count on ESLC to provide safe and caring environment while your child explores and engages in exciting indoor and outdoor activities.  We also will offer a few special field trips so children can interact within our community.  For a list of the weekly themes for Camp Explorer, please visit our Camp Explorer web page.

For more information and to register, please contact us or call ESLC at (440) 944-2223.


Camp Rising Stars * June 6 – August 12 2016  * 10 Weeks

  • eslc-summer-camp-2016-rising-stars-stem-campSpecialty Camp” -activities will be hosted at Early Steps Learning Center and other locations in order to provide a specialized learning experience.
  • STEM Theme – What is STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Professional educators at ESLC will team up with members of the community who specialize in using STEM skills to provide a unique and inspirational learning experience to Campers!  Sports, visual arts, and performing arts will also be explored.
  • Fun Activities –hands-on experiments and projects, inspiring field trips, and more!
  • Cost – tuition is $150 per week, plus additional Specialty Camp Fee of $160 to cover transportation to field trips, field trips, and supplies.  Registration fee is $25 for new or existing ESLC students.
  • Ages – Children ages 5-14 years
  • Curriculum – STEM Curriculum

Camp Rising Stars will explore the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with Campers.  This camp is designed to provide children with a standard based, designed focus curriculum that is centered on solving real world and community problems and introducing children to twenty first century STEM skills.  An ESLC professional educator will partner with members of our community who use STEM skills on a daily basis to offer innovative learning and hands-on activities to Campers.  Our Campers will experience 10 weeks of teaching that will peak their curiosity and love for learning.  Additional recreational activities will supplement the daily curriculum to give Campers a balanced day of learning, movement and overall fun.  For an example of a STEM Curriculum Unit at Camp Rising Stars, please visit our Camp Rising Stars web page.

For more information and to register, please contact us or call ESLC at (440) 944-2223.


Our Summer Camp Team is working hard to plan an amazing Summer Camp 2016!

The fun just never stops, and we have so many new experiences to share. We want to include your family in our summer excitement! Spaces are limited– contact us to enroll today!

A few of our favorite photos from Summer Camp 2015: