Back to School Bash

Bake Sale Fundraiser
Bake Sale Fundraiser

We wanted a special way to mark the end of summer and get excited for the new school year….so we decided to plan a huge carnival-themed BASH!

First, the whole Early Steps Learning Center community joined together to raise the money we needed for our bash.  Fundraisers included a bake sale and several promotion days with local business.  We had three pizza fundraisers with Little Caesar’s and one of our neighbors, Tony’s Pizza.  Add that money to what was raised during two Baker’s Square fundraiser nights–and we had enough for our party!


After weeks of fundraising, planning and anticipation, Back to School Bash day was finally here!  Yesterday we had a huge Bounce House, balloons, carnival food, a very festive street performer, face painting clown and special visits from an ice cream truck!

As you can imagine, the children had an amazing time!!  Thank you to all who helped make our Back to School Bash a wonderful event.  Goodbye Summer…Hello New School Year!

Our HUGE Bounce House!
Our HUGE Bounce House!
stilt walker with miss angela
Stilt walker with our own Miss Barringer
our face painting clown!
Our own Miss Leslie did an amazing job as our talented face painting clown!
Face Painted Sweetheart
Face Painted Sweetheart
face painting girl
Face Painted Beauty
Bounce House Fun
Bounce House Fun!
carnival food
Carnival Food – YUM!
stilt walker
Stilt performer
face painting
Tiny Face Painting Customer
toddler face painting
Too adorable for words!

bash popsicles
Popsicles with Friends!