Earth Day Celebration

To teach our kids about recycling and get them actively involved, we challenged our classrooms to an “Earth Day Competition”. The kids collect recyclables and brought them into the Center.  In total they collected over 5,000 pieces to be donated to the recycling center.

All classrooms also made the school’s first Earth Day murals, made entirely of recycled materials.  These murals took on a life of their own very quickly!  Unlike other bulletin boards, these murals were 3-D thanks to tacky glue and oodles of bottle caps—water bottle caps, detergent caps, flat plastic lids and other plastic and metal closures.  Over 12,000 bottle caps and lids were collected during the month of April.  Mrs. Barringer and Ms. Gaffney envisioned the mural project as a way to help the children understand the message of recycling and doing their part to help the environment.  Not to mention that the children had a great time working on the murals together!

The murals were judged on concept, execution, color, dimensional aspects and size.  The 1st place winners were the Infants/Toddlers, 2nd place went to the Preschoolers and 3rd place to the School-Age Program children.

Earth Day infant and toddlers mural
1st Place – Infant & Toddler Mural
earth day 2011 preschool
2nd Place – Preschool Mural

eslc earth day 2011 schoolage
3rd Place – School Age Mural