Parent Teacher Organization

The Early Steps Learning Center Parent Teacher Organization was started in 2008 to further encourage parent involvement and give parents a forum to give their valuable input.  Parents and staff meet regularly to jointly determine the best practices and activities for child development and education.  We are proud to say that as a result of the Parent Committee,  parents and staff are working well together to support our children in growth and learning in the home and at the Center.

Our committee also has appointed a Community Representative to ensure that the Center collaborates with community agencies and organizations that provide support to families and children.  Our hope is that establishing relationships with community resources will increase the Center’s and our families’ access to local schools, educational facilities and cultural institutions, such as libraries, museums and art exhibits.


The Parent Association provides every parent of an enrolled child with the opportunity to assist in the development of activities that address their interests and needs, and supports the education and healthy development of their child.  For more information on the Parent Association, please contact us at 440-944-2223 or by contact form.

The Parent Committee is a smaller group than the Parents Association.  The Committee allows a group of parents participate in interacting with the staff and voice their opinions regarding child development and Center activities.  To encourage participation, the Committee often meets around breakfast, potluck meal or other social event.  Meetings are held 4 times a year and additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

Our Parent Committee has the full support of Center staff and administrators, who encourage parents to discuss all activities that the Center currently sponsors and to assess the effectiveness of those activities.  If you would like to learn more about the Parent Committee, please call us at 440-944-2223 or by contact form.

Objectives of the Parent Committee are to:

  • Establish and maintain a working relationship among parents, the Center staff and owners, and the community
  • Support quality childhood education
  • Expand technology and supplement equipment and supplies
  • Develop programs and projects that will support or enrich the curriculum
  • Enhance the quality of education by raising funds for school supplies and programs that fall outside of the Center’s budget

Parent Committee Does:

  • Support the educational programs and extracurricular activities of the Center.
  • Encourage parent involvement in their child’s life, education, class and Center.
  • Coordinate programs and projects that will enrich the curriculum.
  • Encourage and fund the increased exposure of technology for children.
  • Organize fund raising efforts to support additional programs not covered by the Center’s budget.
  • Assist educational goals of the Center through parent and community volunteerism.

Parent Committee Does Not:

  • Run the Center or set policy regarding school programs.
  • Force parents to participate in committee or school activities.
  • Define the Center’s curriculum.
  • Dictate the technology platforms and software used by the Center.
  • Control the Center’s budget.
  • Set educational goals, testing requirements or compliance factors.

For more information about the Parent Committee, please contact us at 440-944-2223 or by contact form.