Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement: Christian based organization providing excellence in childcare and early childhood education in the communities we serve.


It is our mission to: 

  • Provide high quality childcare and early education. 
  • To engage children in active exploration of their environment which promotes self-reliance, confidence, and lifelong learners. 
  • From the very start, we respect the families as the first teachers and encourage families to be informed and involved in our school community.  
  • Provide support for academics in our community by offering opportunities for study and research by college and vocational students. 


At Early Steps Learning Centers, we believe in coming together with you, the family, to provide a unified approach to educating children. The center was founded on the belief that high quality childcare and early education benefits the growth and development of the youngest child in our school community, as well as their families and caregivers.  We strive to provide a nurturing, safe, and secure environment that allows children to: 

  • Take full advantage of their curiosity. 
  • Promote a sense of self value. 
  • Acceptance of diversity; self-respect and respect of others.  
  • Development of self-regulation  
  • Recognize one’s creativity and imagination. 
  • Development of critical thinking skills 

Additionally, ESLC understands that many times, children lead double lives, one at the childcare center, and the other at home.  Therefore, our principle-based learning focuses on the moral aspect of life, so often missing from today’s educational institutions.  Our teaching team emphasizes love, empathy, honesty, responsibility, and citizenship daily.  We feel that it is important that the foundation of leadership in a community and at home to be created from a very early age.