Communications Commitment

At Early Steps Learning Center we identify with the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”, and take pride in playing an important role in your child’s development.  Our staff and parents work as a team.  We fully support an Open Door Policy and welcome parents to visit our Center at any time!

We strongly believe in partnering with parents to provide an unsurpassed nurturing extended family environment through which our children will be ensured of having the greatest opportunities to become responsible members to their own families and leaders in our society.

We understand that communication between parents and teachers is the key to each child’s growth, which is why have adopted a Communications Commitment.

  1. Oral Communication –  We appreciate you sharing with us any insight about your child like that could influence his/her experience at the Center.  In return, we commit to sharing with you the important highlights of your child’s day.
  2. Digital Connection – Access to ongoing child’s progress and assessment reports. Photos and videos of classroom activities.
  3. ProCare Messages – As you scan in and out of our building, you may notice important messages from our Director on the time clock.
  4. Infant and Toddler Notes– “Do Tell Notes” are daily written reports from Infant and Toddler primary care givers documenting feedings, diapering, sleep, development and milestones.
  5. Preschool Notes – “Take Home Notes”  are written reports from the classroom teacher each Friday with more detail information about your preschooler’s week.
  6. Conferences – Parent/teacher conferences are regularly scheduled twice an year.  Every parent must participate in at least one individual parent-teacher conference.  Even more importantly, we encourage parents to take advantage of the opportunities for daily contact with the director and teachers. We welcome your contribution of ideas to enable us to maintain a high-quality program.
  7. Teaching Strategies Family App  helps to build the important connection between home and school for programs using digital resources. System is used to track attendance, tuition payments, important parent messages including emergency broadbands via text and/or email.