We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

Core Values

  • ESLC shall strive to treat all children, as they are, children of God, with love, respect, tenderness, and dignity, training them in a manner, which is most approving by Him.
  • ESLC shall strive to provide our children with as many essential tools as possible, based on the abilities of each child, for them to not merely function, but excel in their adult lives.
  • ESLC shall strive to partner with parents for a unified approach to rearing their young children. Parent involvement in their children’s childcare development and mandatory parent-teacher meetings are critical for this to succeed.
  • ESLC shall strive to provide the highest quality curriculum available, one that dove tails with our philosophy and one that has been thoroughly researched and recommended by our accreditation association.
  • ESLC shall strive to maintain a principle-based approach to our teaching process. In keeping with our Vision Statement, we believe in teaching responsibility, dedication, and consideration for others in order to guide the children toward becoming responsible members of their families and our communities.
  • ESLC shall strive to emphasized arts and science. Acknowledging that the arts help develop the total person; we shall expose children to the classic music, art and theater. The children will also be exposed to the natural sciences to gain an appreciation for the world and universe in which we live.
  • ESLC shall strive to maintain membership and accreditation with local, regional and national childcare associations and accreditation agencies. In keeping with our commitment to provide the highest quality childcare, we will maintain a close liaison with associations on the cutting edge of childcare.
  • ESLC shall strive to provide a safe and secure environment. Believing that the safety, security and wellbeing of our children is our greatest responsibility, every precaution will be taken and each staff will be completely and thoroughly trained to maintain this environment.
  • ESLC shall strive to maintain a well-trained, high quality staff. Believing that the staff is the single most important aspect of our care to the children, we will only hire the most qualified teachers and care providers. Acknowledging that high teacher turnover is distressing to our children, we will maintain an active retention program.
  • ESLC shall strive to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere to both the children and our staff. In keeping with our philosophy that our childcare facility as the next best thing to the children being at home, we will maintain a comfortable and enjoyable environment that puts the child at ease and encourage learning. We believe in positive reinforcement of good behavior

5 Star-Rated Child Care Center

ESLC takes pride in practicing standards that are higher than state requirements.  Step Up To Quality is Ohio’s voluntary quality rating system for Ohio-licensed child care programs which recognizes early care and education programs that exceed quality benchmarks over and above Ohio’s licensing standards.

The steps are based on national research identifying the key benchmarks that lead to improved outcomes for children. These benchmarks include:

  • low child to staff ratios
  • teachers and staff have higher education qualifications
  • teachers and staff receive ongoing training
  • teachers use a written plan of activities that covers all areas of development
  • program builds relationship with families

Early Steps Learning Center is proud to be a 5 star-rated center under this state program. For complete program information, visit the Step Up to Quality Parents Web Page.


Top Reasons Families Love Early Steps Learning Center

Philosophy of Care

Our staff is devoted to our philosophy of providing a safe, secure, caring and stimulating environment to help our children develop socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Communications Commitment

We strongly believe in partnering with parents as a team to raise our children with the best possible experiences and opportunities.

Qualified Staff

We are committed to employing trained, experienced professionals, including teachers with degrees in Early Childhood Education.

Exceptional Education

Our curriculum-based programs are customized to each child Special programs such as Sign Language, Christian Club give our children even more opportunities to learn and grow

8 Quick ESLC Facts

  1.   child care with exceptional education programs
  2.   serving Cleveland are families since 2003
  3.   locally owned and operated
  4.   2 locations! Chardon Road and Drenik Drive in Wickliffe.
  5.   caring for children 6 weeks through 12 years old
  6.   12 hours a day, Monday through Friday
  7.   full and part time care
  8.   fully licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Visit the ODJFS website for reports.

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