Community Helpers Month

During the month of February the children learned about very important Community Helpers.   Even more exciting than learning about them was getting to talk to them in person!
We would like to thank the Richmond Heights Fire and Police Departments for making special visits to Early Steps Learning Center and for protecting us everyday!

Richmond Heights Fire Department Visit

February 22, 2012
Richmond Heights Fire Department VisitThe Firemen showed us their uniform and gear, talked about the importance of having a fire escape plan at home, demonstrated what to do if you catch on fire – “stop, drop and roll” , and discussed the quickest ways to get out of the house during a fire.  We also got to go outside and see all of the Firefighter’s tools on the inside and outside of their emergency vehicles.

Richmond Heights Fire Department Visit

K9 Unit of the Richmond Heights Police Department

February 28, 2012
The K9 that came to visit was very special!  Kubo is an 11 year old German Shepherd whose bloodline can be traced back to the Beagle in the 1800’s.  Commands were given to him by his officer in German and with hand signs.  He has his own bedroom and even knows addition and pre-algebra!

Richmond Heights Police Department Visit  Richmond Heights Police Department Visit K9