Early Steps is “Going Green!”

ESLC Going Green! ProgramIt is with great pride and excitement that we introduce to you, “Going Green!”The Tyla Woodson Recycling Program. “Going Green!” is the thoughtful idea of one of our former School-Age students, Tyla Woodson.


Today in our world, we use many materials that can be reused but instead we choose to throw them away. When we do that, we are wasting and ultimately polluting our planet. Our “Going Green!” program will focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling of paper and plastic. Tyla also envisioned that this program would allow ESLC to decrease spending on items that can be reused and reallocate those funds for other programs and activities.


Tyla Woodson

With “Going Green!”, we aim to reduce our waste at ESLC and promote responsible recycling to our children. Tyla is also passionate in sharing that “recycling is an opportunity for staff, students, and families to work together for the good of the community.”


“Going Green!” launches on November 1, 2015. Thank you Tyla, for making this important environmental issue a priority at our Centers! We hope that our readers will join us and participate in reducing, reusing and recycling in your homes too!