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the infant care program

We strive each and every day to foster a nurturing environment.  Our nursery rooms are designed especially for infants. Your little one will feel safe and secure to explore, to engage in sensory activities and/or just cuddle up with his caregiver for a fairytale book, a chat or a peaceful rest.

We are proud to offer better teacher to infant ratios than required by the state of Ohio.  Having fewer infants to a teacher allows us to ensure that each infant receives the attention and care that are critical for early development.

Program Features

Infant Development

We provide a safe space for our infants, which promotes simple reflex movement, large muscle movement and fine muscle control.  Babies use their bodies to interact with their physical and social environment right from the start.  Through movement your infant makes discoveries about themselves and the environment and will gain a sense of mastery.

 Infants tune into familiar sounds and voices and express needs within minutes of birth.  Our caregivers engage in conversation, finger plays, and sing songs. In addition, learning opportunities such playing with stubby paintbrushes and using eating utensils provide babies the experiences they need to become ready to start writing during the preschool years. American Sign Language is also offered in our infant programs with awesome results.  Your infant will learn to express his needs and wants without expressive language.

Your infant is natural scientist.   Through structured play and self-initiated practice, our infants build concepts and develop thinking skills.  To promote intellectual development, our caregivers take cues from your infants and are responsive to their interests and needs.

We provide our infants with  a nurturing environment where they are stimulated while building trust and security.  Our low teacher-to-infant ratios mean that we are able to give more love and attention to give each infant!

We provide safe and age-appropriate equipment and toys to encourage play and interaction.

Infants Program: First Steps I & II

Ages6 weeks – 17 months
– First Steps I – 6 weeks – 12 months
– First Steps II – 12 – 17 months
Ratio of Teachers to InfantsFirst Steps I – 1 teacher for 5 children
First Steps II – 1 teacher for 6 children
Number of Infants in Classroom:10

Creative Curriculum

Sample Schedule

Infant Sample Schedule