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New Montessori Program

eslc montessori classroom
Montessori Preschool Classroom

Early Steps Learning Center is proud to announce the opening of its Montessori Program. Our program will be offered for 3-5 year old children at our current location in Richmond Heights.

Our program highlights:

  • Our lead Montessori Program Teacher has a degree in traditional education and certified in the Montessori approach.
  • Our Montessori Program is designed to help children reach their full potential, at their own pace through self discovery and the use of all five senses.
  • Children freely choose from a number of specially designed Montessori and “real life” materials that are specifically organized in the classroom.
  • The teacher observes the children and offers instructions, materials and encouragement according to each child’s individual readiness.

We invite you to learn more:

– visit the Montessori Program page

schedule a tour

– call us at (440) 944-ABCD (2223)